If you are looking for online casinos or are curious to know more about the thrill of casino gambling, you’ve landed at the right place.

Gambling or partaking casino-based gaming is quite popular all around the world. The way these games are capturing the market has stripped most people of any hesitations for putting money at stake. The thought of winning big from casinos thrills us. Plus, when you are playing online regardless of location, it becomes more convenient than ever! When you picture gambling, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A relaxing drink with money in hand and only the mind in action? But you must realize that it’s important to conduct thorough research before indulging in the game of wits. And that definitely sounds the opposite of relaxing. Therefore, we have done the research work for you, and here we are to help you out with selecting the best and secure online casino.

We have tried and tested some of the well-known online casinos in India, and we will help you choose the best portal as per your playing styles. Simply follow our ratings of the popular casino websites, where you can look forward to playing some real game. Watch out some of our expert tips and be ready to have the best gambling experience you won’t regret for. 

High-Quality Online Casinos for Indian Players 

You cannot risk your precious money or other valuable assets on any random website, and therefore, we have made a comparison table of the best and high-quality online casinos in India. 

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Tip: How to Choose a Trusted Online Casino? 

With network connections becoming stronger, and the cost of smartphones reducing, gambling at some online casinos has become the trend! Right from the classics like poker, roulette and blackjack, to the traditional Indian games like Passa, Flish and Paplu, online casinos have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. 

But the harsh reality is that with the advent of advancement in technology, cyber-attacks, and hacking instances have become mainstream. Online theft has expanded its horizons to different areas, betting and gambling being the primary sectors. This makes choosing a trusted online casino an overwhelming task. How do you know which one is secure? That’s a pickle! Well, quit worrying. We got this aspect covered in detail in our extensive research!

With the turn of the years, our expectations from online casinos have also taken a rise. Today, we, being regular gamblers and casino players, look for these six primary things when it comes to choosing the best casino platform:

  • That the game is compatible with an extensive range of multiple devices. 
  • That the deposit and withdrawal procedures are quite simple and easy, and there are options for INR, USD and also GBP. 
  • That the players can have a premium level of security and safety on their chosen portal. 
  • That there are frequent and generous promotions available. 
  • That there is an active 24/7 support system. 
  • That the players can double up their deposit bonus for up to 80,000 without spending anything. 

Having said that, we want to add that any player must choose only those casino sites, which would offer the best gaming experience. Security, of course, is a primary factor working here, as it involves money-related matters. One cannot afford to lose all of his or her money or precious assets by falling prey to fraudulent sites. Besides money, time is also a significant aspect that one must keep in mind, and hence, should make sure to go for only that website, which would offer promising results in minimal time. 

Our Online Casino Winner of the Month 

Catering to the dynamic needs of Indian players, we have done detailed research into new games that might thrill you. We take great efforts in examining and analysing the pros and cons of each online casino, so as to bring new sites for you every month. We make sure that our list comprises secure and trustworthy casino websites that would make gambling an enjoyable experience for you. Moreover, we understand your unique needs and gaming styles, and we pick only what’s best for you. 

Below are some of the top five online casinos in India as per the ratings of tour experts, who have tried and tested them over a long period. 

Top Five list

Our winner of the month is definitely LeoVegas for its massive bonus options and daily promotions, free spins and giveaways. 

Who are We and What you will find on our site? 

Every online casino you come across will tell you that they’re the best. But its easier said than done. We’re a leading platform for online-casino-related information and the below-mentioned are merely some of the reasons why. Is there anything you wish to know about online casinos? You name it and we’ve got detailed info on it!

If you are looking for the best casino for utilising your free time in the best way possible, you have come to the right place. We offer comprehensive guides to the most popular gambling and betting sites in India with new updates about the latest trends every month. We provide ratings for various groups of casino games by making an elaborate and detailed study about the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. Keeping in mind the diverse desires of our fellow Indian players and the type of gaming experience they are looking for, we have brought a large variety of games for players of all levels, starting from beginners to advanced ones. Moreover, you will find reliable and up-to-date information about online casinos alongside in-depth guides, videos and more. 

Those who frown upon gambling in India lack awareness of how enjoyable and thrilling it can be. Not to mention, the prospect of making the best bang of your buck doing what you love is the best thing about online casinos!

We are a group of simple people in India who love to gamble from time to time. To us, gambling is a favourite pastime, and we constantly try hard to find out ways to make our gaming experience better. We do look for more and more innovative casino sites regularly. We know there are so many of you who share similar interests with us, and therefore, we have decided to write about the various ways in which you can reach out to the best online casinos in India. 

How do we rate online casinos? 

After doing a thorough analysis of the best casinos online, we have made the following set of parameters that we find necessary to consider while rating our listed online casino sites. And believe us, it requires extensive and elaborate research to understand different features of online casinos. Differentiating different platforms can be overwhelming for a single person. Fortunately for you, we’re presenting you with the best options after analyzing all aspects in detail.

Mobile friendliness  

Did you know that according to Statista, more than 73% of India’s collective web traffic comes from mobile devices? You can imagine how big the mobile surfing market has become. Moreover, people are on the go and they can’t carry PCs everywhere. The casino site must be compatible and flexible not only on desktop versions but also on mobile devices. Since we spend most of our time operating our smartphones, it is the best platform for playing casinos. Therefore, choosing a mobile-friendly website is a must. 


We all love stunning HD graphics in all our online activities, especially while playing games. To enhance our gaming experience, we need to choose an online casino portal that would have attractive graphics. After all, casinos can be a treat to the bank. So, why not let them be a treat to the eyes?

Appealing bonuses

Needless to say, how crazy we are for acquiring bonuses and offers. There are a host of casino game sites, which may appear promising when it comes to offering bonuses, both at first-time sign-ups and at various stages of the game. But we should make sure not to fall prey to any random website, and trust only those which are genuine and are offering appealing bonuses. After all, gambling games are really a hard nut to crack without getting proper bonus points. All you need to do is be mindful of the credibility of a site before putting money out on the table.

Game selection

Human beings thrive on the spice of life, variety. We love a variety of games when it comes to casinos. While some of us are comfortable only with a few handfuls of them, yet some of us really like to have numerous options in hand and alternate between several of them. Hence, we need to make sure that our site is able to offer many good options for game selection. 

Numerous payment methods

Online gambling is not all about Neteller and Skrill anymore. You cannot let huge chunks of money go due to insufficient payment options. You must be able to make transactions (both paying and withdrawing) through debit/credit cards, Net banking, IMPS/NEFT, and others. These days we prefer using e-wallets, so we make sure that your casino site has options for PayTM, PhonePe, GPay, PayPal, etc.

Safety and Reliability

As already mentioned, this is the most essential aspect when you are dealing with large sums of money. Your site should not only have safety policies but also take care of protecting your valuable assets from any internet scams. 

Customer service

Even the pros get stuck, let alone beginners. Therefore, checking out a site’s customer support is a vital step before choosing an online casino. It might be regarding any failed transaction, any technical glitches, or any bonus-related issues. Whatever it may be, your online casino portal must have a robust and prompt 24/7 customer care support to help you out with any queries.

Live Casinos Online 

Betting kills boredom and fills your account if you’re careful. The internet has made us want things online and live. It results in an enhanced gaming experience. Online casinos, therefore, can be ideal if you are willing to gamble or watch live shows while enjoying your food and drinks while relaxing at your home.

Online casinos have grown tremendously from a small niche in recent years, and today, it has turned into one of our favourite pastimes. Each day, millions of players from across the globe come online to various casino sites to make some real money. In fact, with such a vast range of possibilities and additional benefits offered by online casinos, the land-based traditional casino hotspots have gradually lost importance. 

Here are some of the advantages of playing live casino games online – 

  • It is quite convenient to play with easy online guides, tutorial videos and help centres. Also, one can play at their own time and choose their desired gaming slots. 
  • Players get huge amounts of bonuses, loyalty points and other giveaway benefits on playing online casinos. 
  • You can choose from an infinite number of players who are online at that particular time. 
  • Players would get a large number of deposit options through credit/debit cards, PayTM, PhonePe, PayPal, and many more. 
  • You will get to choose from a wide variety of games. 
  • Online casinos are definitely value-for-money with the possibilities of big winnings at hand. 

Online Casino apps for mobile devices 

Mobiles apps have become oxygen to the modern-day internet user. People like to do things right through simple apps on their mobile devices, and the same goes for gambling or playing casinos. We really like to do and access things on the go without having to go through complex methods of operations on large desktop applications. Whether it is your lunch break at the office, or you are on your way back from work, you can quickly play a round or two anytime and anywhere on your smartphone.

Here are some advantages of using mobile apps for online casino games. 


Yes, online gambling is safe, and most of the well-known sites do abide by strict security policies. However, in order to stay protected against malicious activities of the scammers, make sure to use only those applications or websites that we recommend, since we list them after doing thorough research. 

As per your choice, LeoVegas is the most popular and trusted online casino site in India. Other secure and safe platforms for Indian players include Pure Casino, Royal Panda, Rizk Casino, Genesis Casino, Betway, JackpotCity, and a few others. 

As per the Provisions of Section 115BB, winning money from Lottery is taxable in India. Lottery games in India are monitored and conducted by the State Governments, under the guidance of the specific terms and conditions as stipulated by the Central Government. 

To start playing for real money, you can find an online casino that offers good promotions and handsome welcome bonuses at sign up and even later. Even though you can start playing right away after signing up, you will need to deposit specific amounts of money depending upon the terms and conditions of the particular game. Also, you will require to meet certain wager requirements before finally withdrawing your winnings.