For any gambling lover in India, it becomes very important to understand all the aspects of gambling since it’s a highly regulated affair in the local land. Money transaction is the most important aspect of the entire process of gambling, thus, a guide about the India payment methods available for casino deposits and withdrawals in India can be a crucial need for the bettors.

We aim to discuss with you all the popular payment methods India that can be used by you to make payments at the online casinos.  We would also be talking about the top casinos payment methods apps that make the whole process a matter of few clicks. Lastly, the FAQs will loosen the knots about some of the doubts regarding the betting process.

Payment Options at Indian Casinos

Even though the payment system prevalent in the betting market of India is regulated by the RBI under the Payment System and Settlements Act, many online casinos still manage to perform the transactions smoothly. You can choose between bank transfer, net banking, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, etc. for both depositing and withdrawing money. Let’s see the top 10 popular payment methods India.

1.      Visa

This is at the first position in our list of popular payment methods India because gamblers across the world trust this credit/ debit card the most. In India, the major portion of gamblers prefers this payment solution due to the various advantages it has over others like less withdrawal time, highly secure payments, etc.

2.      MasterCard

This is easily the second most trusted option among India payment methods for gamblers in India as it offers several benefits, like secure money transfer, faster and no-fee withdrawals, etc. A great thing is that almost all the top online casinos support this payment method and the payment process is quite easy and quick.

3.      PayPal

This E-wallet has amassed immense popularity in recent years and has become the top choice of gamblers in India. The deposit and withdrawal methods with this E-wallet are very easy to carry out. Other than the ease of the process, the transaction is done in a very less amount of time and securely which is a great benefit. Almost all online casinos have PayPal as one of the payment methods.

4.      Skrill

This is another E-wallet India payment methods that is increasingly getting popular in the betting market in India. The process to pay is very easy and you only have to create an account to proceed towards making a payment in just a few clicks. You may also get to enjoy several bonuses with it but some casinos might not allow you to withdraw with Skrill.

5.      Neteller

You can pay at almost any online casino (live too) with Neteller E-wallet without any hassle.  Quick and easy deposits are the main features of this method along with instant money transfer to the casino account. You can make withdrawals without any fee and that too within 12 hours. However, you might not get to enjoy various bonuses with several casinos.

6.      ecoPayz

Almost all the countries can perform the banking services with this e-wallet and make payment at the online casinos too. Now the gamblers in India also highly trust this payment method due to the great benefits it provides like quick processing of the withdrawal money and no service charge.

7.      Astropay

Another very popular option amongst the casinos payment methods in the India betting market is Astropay that guarantees secure money transfer along with the full anonymity of the user. Other significant benefits of the payment method include instant deposits, local currency support, and end-to-end cryptosecurity. If you are a gambler from India, you can only deposit with Astropay and not withdraw.

8.      American Express

This is another great card payment method that makes a withdrawal from online casinos very easy and safe. Although the number of online casinos in India that support American Express is still less, it is still a great way to get streamlined withdrawals within one to five business days. However, every online casino may charge different amounts of withdrawal fees.

9.      MuchBetter

This is a new entrant in the payment methods category of the betting market. MuchBetter is a payments app and has got an e-wallet too. The number of casinos adopting this payment method is increasing rapidly. Although they charge a 1% withdrawal fee, the time taken for withdrawing money is very less, ie., 15 minutes to 3 business days.

10.  Bitcoin

This is a very popular cryptocurrency in the world which is used by several top casinos as a payment method too. Although the sphere of Bitcoin is still restricted among the online casinos payment methods in India, it is growing and worth a try. The major advantages of using Bitcoin are easy Rupee exchange, anonymity, bonuses granted, and instant transfer to the gaming lobby without any restrictions.

Some other casinos payment methods that are getting popular are Paytm, Google Pay, PayU, Paysafecard, Western Union, etc.

Best Options for Deposits and withdrawals

With the growth of betting lovers in India, the online casinos both operating in both inland and outland started to modernize their payment system because that is the most crucial part of the entire gambling process. These online casinos have their particular security systems that can easily bypass the strict RBI regulations over the electronic payments. This is made possible by their security protocols that aim to secure the payment transfers and also protect the users’ financial info.

Let us now familiarize you with the major methods of casino deposits and withdrawals in India:

Debit or Credit Cards

This is the most popular of the casinos payment methods that almost all the online casinos support. You can find several cards that are well-reputed when it comes to safety and ease of the process. You just have to select the right card option on the casino website and fill the necessary info to materialize the money transfer.


  • The transactions can be carried out in a jiffy.
  • Both depositing and withdrawing are possible with the least of hassle.


  • Due to the direct bank supervision involved in this method, there is no guarantee of successful money transfer.
  • There are limited options for bank cards that you can use.
  • There can be some transaction charges too.


This is a very popular payment method among the punters across the globe due to its effectiveness and ease of the process. All you need is an account on the app and attach your card information that will remain fully safe.


  • You can save various cards for the transfer.
  • It is the most convenient and secure payment method.


  • There is a transaction limit.
  • You can use only limited types of cards for withdrawal.

Net banking

This is the system of electronic payments to make casino deposits and withdrawals in India. An increasing number of online casinos active in the betting market are including it in their payment gateways section. The two major net banking options for users are NEFT and IMPS.


  • This is the fastest money transfer method without any fees.
  • You get the option of round the clock fund transfer.
  • It allows for instant withdrawal.
  • No currency conversion is required.


  • The banking service availability may get disturbed due to any reason related to the working of the offline banks.
  • There can be deductions of up to 15%.

Mobile banking or SMS payment

This payment method is facilitated by mobile payment providers that give various solutions for online banking and casino deposits and withdrawals in India. This system is usually prevalent in India and the rest of Asia.


  • This is the safest, easy to carry out, and fast method.
  • The SSL encryption technology is used to keep the payments secure.
  • OTPs validate the money transfer which is the best foolproof method.


  • Very few casinos support this payment method


This payment method is gaining rapid popularity as along with casinos supporting it, several crypto casinos completely work with this technology. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the major cryptocurrencies in operation in India as of now.


  • You can easily exchange any currency, Rupee in this case.
  • Fully anonymity of the user is maintained.


  • Very limited numbers of casinos have this payment option.
  • Due to the high opacity of the process, any wrong doing cannot be detected.

Offline money transfer

The hope is alive for the people without any bank account too if they wish to gamble and make casino deposits and withdrawals in India. Options like cash on delivery, bank wires, bank drafts, cheques, etc. make it possible for various people to bet who don’t have any other option available.


  • You can rest while the money transfer is the responsibility of the bank personnel.
  • It is a cheap payment option.


  • There is a risk of foul-play.
  • You need to go to any banking organization in person.
  • This method is time taking and very inconvenient.

Payment options Apps in India

Now that we have learned all about the India payment methods and casino deposits and withdrawals in India, let us tell you about some of the top payment apps operating in India that can be used to pay at the online casinos. Most of these apps are the e-wallets that support quick withdrawals and that is the best for any gambler.


Very few people wouldn’t be aware of this great payments app which is such a great utility. Transferring money is very easy and secured with PayTM. You just need to attach your banking details with the provider and the money transfer can happen with both the bank account and the PayTM wallet.

Google Pay

This is the most trusted and secured app when it comes to transferring money to anyone. There has been a huge increase in the number of casino websites that use Google Pay as one of their India payment methods.


Paying for online services and casino gambling now has been made even easier with PayPal. The process for making a payment at this payment app is very easy and you just need to create an account on the app for directly proceeding to the payment.


This payment app is being widely popularized for secured and fast money transfer that it supports. A lot of gambling websites are now using Neteller as one of their casinos payment methods. It can arguably be called the best e-wallet.


Also called Moneybookers, Skrill is a great mobile payment app that makes money transactions very secured and safe. It also makes you eligible for availing some amazing bonus offers on some online casinos.


Withdrawing gambling winnings is the most crucial part since you wouldn’t want any loss here due to any mistakes. Here are some tips to keep in mind while going about the process:

  • Always verify the account you create on the casino websites or payment methods.
  • Take care to submit your authentic personal details only.
  • Before signing up, do cross-check the available withdrawal methods if they are suitable for you.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any mistake.

You can easily withdraw your winning from the casino India payment methods with some simple steps:

  • Go to the banking section of the casino site.
  • Choose the option Withdrawals.
  • Select the desired withdrawal method that you must have already verified.
  • Choose the amount you want to get.

E-wallets can arguably be the best payment method to go with if you wish to make faster deposits as well as withdrawals. Deposits are an easier job with any payment method mostly, but to be honest, withdrawals can be a task. Every payment method as well as casino have their own rules regarding bet money withdrawals like tax cuts, time limits, etc.