Mega Moolah is the most popular jackpot 5-reel slot machine game which can play all 25 lines on each spin. It is based on the African Safari theme and comes with lots of thrill and amusement. Many other slots have entered apart from the original game, in the Mega Moolah, from which the progressive jackpot prize can be won. The main aim is to provide Indian players with tricks, strategies, tips, and information about this astonishing slot. It helps players to understand how the jackpot works. It helps participants play safe and secure. Mega Moolah is a simple, hypnotic, bilateral yet fascinating game to play.

Can I Play Mega Moolah Slot Game From India?

Yes, Mega Moolah can be played in India. The first thing any Indian interested in playing Mega Moolah should do is gather information about which casinos can they sign up to play the game. A list of licensed casinos is provided on and each one of them has been functioning for over a decade. They offer quick and swift client services in different languages according to the requirements of the customers. 

Mega Moolah, Play without Paying Here!

 Mega Moolah gives a demo play where the players can come to understand and grab the concept of how the slots and bonuses work together in a game. This gives players a chance to see how new features of the slot function.

Mega Moolah Rules

  • The Base Jackpot game is 75,000 coins, No Pay Spins Jackpot is 225,000 coins: A minimum of 0.25, up to a maximum of 6.25, a top prize of 75,000 coins in the base game itself. If the amount is smallest as a coin of 0.01, that means cash prize worth. Some big cash prizes can also be won in the base game if not the big jackpot prize. 
  • The Lion Symbol is the Wild: The symbol of Lion is an extremely important and helpful feature as a player in the No Pay Spins bonus round and the Mega Moolah base game. This symbol can be used to replace any standard icons to achieve success in the game. 
  • The Monkey symbol is the Scatter and is the Spin trigger With Zero Pay: The symbol of Monkey is key in the Mega Moolah base game to unlock a bonus in the No Pay Spins. It is scattered and if you land three or more symbols anywhere on the reels you will trigger 15 spins without any payment and each success comes with a 3x multiplier.
  • There are four progressive jackpots: The slot has a total of four different jackpot funds and they are categorized as follows:
  • Mini – This is the most frequently won of the four progressive prizes and the smallest jackpot you can get every hour of the day.
  • Minor – This is won usually most days and the is the second smallest jackpot.
  • Major – This is won every few days and the prize is usually a considerable amount.
  • Mega – This gives slot the name progressive jackpot prize and is rarely won. This will increase significantly from that amount to several million.
  • You can only gain the progressives after activating the Jackpot Bonus Game: The slot gives each user a chance to get the progressive jackpot by offering a completely random entry. Once the Jackpot Bonus Game is started the wheel is split into different colored sectors. The Red field applies to the Mini jackpot, Orange to the Minor, Yellow to the Major and White to the Mega progressive prize. 
  • Every spin can be a progressive jackpot winner at any time: The Mega jackpot can be won with the Mega prize on any subsequent spin.
  • Jackpot winners are always paid in their currency-of-play: The golden rule to remember is that while the Mega Moolah prize fund uses British Pounds as its base currency, players can play using their home currency.

Mega Moolah tips & tricks

  • Discipline is crucial: It is important to set aside a budget and stick to it. Do not use a credit line to deposit more funds, stop playing when the cash is finished.
  • Study the Payable: Before playing slots first consult its Help Screen, because progressives can’t be played with no credits and are for real cash only. Playing slots without paying gives some information about its performance and also about how many spins it takes to activate the bonus mode.
  • Understand the crucial symbols on the Mega Moolah slot: One of the biggest mistakes people make when playing Mega Moolah is to not pay attention to the base game and focus solely on activating the Jackpot Bonus. It is a good idea to know what are the highest paying symbols in the game. The main focus should be on the Lion Wild symbol, as this provides the largest base game overall.
  • Budget effectively by using autoplay: Most people prefer to set a budget on the slots. But one way to make sure that you do not spend more than you intended to on Mega Moolah is touse the autoplay feature. With this feature, the game is set to run automatically for a fixed number of spins and at a fixed price. 
  • Scale your spin share more effectively: There will be cases where the slots refuse to pay. These periods can hurt the morale and economy of slot players.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Game

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot can be played on a wide range of iOS and Android mobiles and tablets. It is programmed to run directly from an HTML5-ready mobile display program. A third-party app is not needed to be installed. Simply visit the website and sign up with the casino. Once the sign up is successful and the deposit has been made, simply download the Mega Moolah slot on the mobile or tablet. The mobile player, like any desktop player, is entitled to all great value deals. They are all subject to bonuses and promotions.

Mega Moolah Odds

  • Mega Moolah Return To Player Is Dreadful: The biggest problem with Mega Moolah is its return to the player as this game only offers a base payback.

·       Low Odds of Winning the Mega Jackpot: A significant amount of Mega Moolah’s interest is enclosed up in the progressive jackpot. The chances of winning Mega Moolah’s jackpot are extremely low.

  • More Likely to Pounce the Small Jackpot: The slot provides four different progressive jackpots, Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini prizes. With each spin, you can play for four jackpots. But the size inconsistency in each of these payments is huge. The odds of winning any of the top three payments are minimal. The mini jackpot is the biggest hit.

·       Must Activate the Bonus Round to Hit Jackpots: Most online slots pay a progressive jackpot through the main game. To get the top prize specific symbols in a pay line are required.

·       Bet More to Have a Stronger Chance of Activating the Bonus: Another problem is that the chances of winning the top payout with minimum bet are low and high. The best that can be done is to simply know that the odds of winning are not as high as is the risk.

·       Mega Moolah’s Odds Are Questionable: Mega Moolah’s odds are suspense because the chances of winning the jackpot, and the odds size are unmatched. 

Mega Moolah Versions

The different Mega Moolah versions available are:

  • Mega Moolah:  The original game with the wild African theme
  • 5-Reel Drive: Game with high powered American motor theme
  • Summertime: Fruit machine game with a Holiday theme
  • Isis: Ancient Egypt themed version game
  • The Dark Knight: A version based on the famous Batman film “The Dark Knight”

Mega Moolah In India

Mega Moolah is an online casino that now can be played in India as well. To get an insight into its working one can go through its demo and see how it functions. Some different tricks and tips are to be understood before diving deep into it. Certain rules and regulations have to be kept in mind to play it. They offer a variety of themes to choose from. There are also different versions of the casino available for a person to play from. The casino can be also be operated from mobiles or tablets so it’s convenient enough for all. An account has to be made to proceed with further requirements.